👨🏻‍💻 What is Source Code?

SourceCode is a pay it forward, a community initiative by Together. Think of it as an open platform that facilitates a bunch of tinkerers to exchange learnings, brainstorm ideas, and discuss best practices, all in the realm of technical end-user focussed startups. The community is still in stealth and we can’t wait to present all that is compiled in the background.

We also have an awesome core committee that is the backbone of all the content that we’d be bringing forth.

A core tenet of SourceCode is to crowdsource the challenges faced by operators, practitioners, and founders of early-stage setups building technical end user-focused products and tools. We see it as a huge responsibility as we’d be the voice of the community and ask questions to experts on their behalf.

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A community initiative for DevTool startups to build better, sell faster and scale quicker.


I study technology companies & digital products
“SourceCode” is a community initiative to bring the Indian developer ecosystem together. We are focused on helping all startups focused on selling to a technical buyer.